Do I get to meet Matthew on the programs?

There are a select few clients a year who see Matthew privately, but he personally runs every retreat where you spend time with him, learning his tools and philosophies.

What if I can’t afford it right now?

Contact us! We beliver that EVERYONE should be able to have access to these tools, regardless of their budget, so why not get in touch and one of our team members will help you find the right option for you.

What if I already feel confident and successful?

One thing that we have learned in dealing with thousands of clients at every level of success all over the world is that no matter where you are now, there is ALWAYS room to grow. Can you think bigger? Can you imagine the next place you want to be in your career? In your lovelife? If you feel it’s time to step up and you’re ready to commit to a higher level of success, we can help you get there.

How do I start my journey?

You can jump right in with one of our online programs, come to an event, or even just contact us and one of our team members will get in touch to discuss your goals and find a path that fits your needs. Get in touch!

Why would I need help with the way I live my life?

Has there ever been a time in your life where you missed out on an opportunity because you weren’t confident enough to do what you really wanted to do? How much further would you be if there was nothing holding you back? Have you ever looked back at a difficult situation and wished you had the words to make your voice heard more effectively? Are you living up to your true performance potentia? Chances are no matter how confident you are now, you are still missing out on crucial opportunities in your personal and professional life.

Each one of us has the ability to radically change the quality of our life through transforming our confidence, sharpening our inter-personal skills and learning to become more pursuasive.

That’s where we can can help. Our programs are designed to help sharpen your skills and help you reach your potential in all aspects of your life–at work, with your family and friends and in your love life.



How did Matthew become a lifestyle coach?

Matthew began working as a life coach with individual clients in London’s coffee shops and cafes and then began coaching large groups and companies. As the demand for his coaching practice grew, he built a team of people to coach his methods and created online programs to help people outside of the UK. Now, he runs programs across the globe, helping thousands of clients transform their lives. You can read more about him in the ABOUT section.

Is this just more positive thinking fluff talk?

No, we hate that stuff. It usually leaves people feeling pumped up for a day before they go back to their normal habits and routines. If you come to one of our live events or learn at home with one of our online programs, you’ll find that they are extremely motivational, but they are also filled with practical tools and techniques which you can apply TODAY. We teach actual, proven skills. Positive thinking philosophies are great for the hours you’re listening to a speaker but when you learn a skill, you’ll have that knowledge for a lifetime.